About Abogados Law, PLC

Alisa Lachow-Thurston - Managing Attorney

About Abogados Law Alisa specializes her law practice in the areas of: Bankruptcy, Immigration, Debt Modification and Negotiation, Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Documents evidencing property ownership, Medical directives, Loan Modifications, Business Law and Real Estate Law including Land lord Tenant issues. Prior to establishing Abogados Law, PLC, Ms. Thurston was a solo practitioner with Property & Estate Law, PLC and owner/manager of a real estate title settlement company. She has conducted and managed hundreds of real estate property settlements. Ms. Thurston has also represented out of state law firms and lenders in Virginia foreclosures.

Ms. Thurston entered the law after a successful career as a federal government engineer. Her search for providing answers to people with current more personal needs as well as her passion for real estate matters brought her into studying law. The invaluable experience acquired with the federal government and the private sector provides Ms. Thurston with a professionalism, and mentality that suits all types of clients with diverse financial needs.

Ms. Thurston is fully bilingual and can counsel clients in English and Spanish. Ms. Thurston is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Denver and she completed her law degree at the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law with a concentration in International Comparative Law.

Ms. Thurston advises clients as to whether to seek bankruptcy or to turn to other means to resolve their financial difficulties when it may seem that foreclosure or bankruptcy are the only way out. She can also advise as to whether a short sale is the best option, she can negotiate lower mortgage payments with banking institutions and even review loan documents for possible legal claims against any of the parties involved in the transaction that placed the consumer in financial jeopardy. Through estate planning, business law and asset protection strategies, Ms. Thurston also counsels businesses and consumers in establishing and protecting their wealth for their benefit and the benefit of future generations.

Ms Thurston is up to date and has represented many immigrants in the Immigration courts in Virginia and Maryland in deportation defenses hearings, asylum, TPS, adjustment of status and family petitions as well as representing many in Deferred Action processes.